PROGENY is the sequel to THE CHANGING -- the continuing saga of this riveting science fiction series.
After returing to Earth, and surviving yet another attempt on her life, Denni finds shelter in the Hawaiin Isalnds until another crisis unfolds when a spacecraft lands on the beach near her house and her daughter is kidnapped.  Alerted by the UFO sighting, a covert ops team, specializing in the acquisition of extraterrestrial hardwar, sequesters the ship Val came to Earth in.  Denni returnes to the Home System and safety, but secrets concerning her true identity emerge, challenging her sel-realized reality and forcing her to concede -- she cannot excape destiny.


An Extraterresteral Encounter 

On a small island in Southeast Alaska, a spacecreat lands in the yard of a science fiction author and succumbing to what the writer mistakenly believes to be an illusion -- a creation of her overactive imagination and self-imposed isolation -- she opens the door to an extraterrestrial, setting in motion a chain of events that will transform her, mind body and soul.

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